Resident Care

Programs & Services

To respond to the physiological, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents, a total care plan for each individual is developed by a multi-disciplinary team. An integrated program of services is designed to help fulfill these requirements.

The Home strives to provide the highest quality of care to the residents. Every resident has access to the services of a qualified medical practitioner. Medical consults are provided if required.

Special Needs Behavioural Unit

This recently opened 10 bed Special Needs Behavioural Unit is located in the new facility at Holy Family Home. Residents living in this unit require specialized care because they have severe dementia and disruptive or aggressive behaviours associated with their dementia or dementia-related conditions. The environment is quieter, providing comfort to safely meet the needs of the residents in their journey with dementia. In addition, residents have safe access to a secured outdoor park space.

Special Needs Unit

Holy Family Home has recently opened a new Special Care Unit for 21 residents. This space is secured in a way to ensure the safety of the residents who may wander. Design extras like creating the unit exit door to look like a wall cabinet with books helps deter residents from trying to leave their unit. Residents do participate in regular programming available to all other units.

Resident Room Doors

Nursing Services are delivered by a team of health care members that include Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Aides. Care is provided on the basis of a resident-centered model, by an interdisciplinary team.

The objectives of the palliative care services include pain management, respect for individual choices and decisions, the maintenance of the individual’s dignity, being treated with openness and honesty, being cared for with love and respect, and the companionship of loved ones.

MAID Policy

Rehabilitative services are provided on site by physiotherapists, an occupational therapist and rehab assistants/aides. The physiotherapists and the occupational therapist assess each resident on admission to determine their individual needs. The rehab assistants and rehab aides help with morning physiotherapy treatments/exercises and support the physiotherapists and occupational therapist.

Dental Care is an integral part of the total resident care plan. If dental work is required, the residents are referred to the University of Manitoba Home Dental Program, which operates a mobile dental service at Holy Family Home.

Spiritual Care Services offers spiritual support to residents and families. They coordinate monthly spiritual programs, and hold a bi-annual memorial service for family members.

The Social Workers manage the Home’s waiting list and maintains contact with applicants and their families. The Social Workers coordinates admissions to the Home and supports the new resident and family through the transition process, helping them to adjust to their new environment. The Social Workers are available for ongoing support to residents and their families.

The Social Workers complete cognitive and psychosocial assessments as well as social histories which are integral parts to the full assessment of each resident.

Social Work facilitates the Resident/Family Council meetings and coordinates the Respite Care Program.

The Recreation Department offers a wide range of programs for all residents. A recreation worker is assigned to every unit, who organizes recreational programs specific to their unit. Program calendars, describing the activity, are available to all residents. Monthly programs that are for the enjoyment of all residents are published throughout the facility.

New to Holy Family Home is the Music Therapy Program. The purpose of this program is to improve the quality of life for the elderly by providing enriching and fulfilling therapeutic experiences through individual and group music therapy sessions.

Haircare and Barber services are available, Monday to Friday. The Salon is located on the main floor in Building A across from the auditorium. Appointments  can be made through the nursing staff on your loved one’s unit.


  • Monday: St. Paul, St. Michael
  • Tuesday: St. John, St. Anne
  • Wednesday: St. Basil, St. Joseph
  • Thursday: St. Martha, Sacred Heart
  • Friday: St. Mary, St. Francis
  • *St. Luke and St. Nicholas appointments are made depending on the availability of each resident

Appointment times range from 30 minutes (cut) to two hours (cut and perm).

Price list (current at 22 August 2023)

  • Set only – $20
  • Set wash – $22
  • Set cut – $24
  • Set cut wash – $30
  • Cut only – $20
  • Cut wash – $22
  • Perm only – $45
  • Perm set – $55
  • Perm cut set – $65
  • Color only – $35
  • Color set – $45
  • Color cut set – $55

Ongoing education, such as general staff orientations, health and safety training, and guest lectures is provided to employees.