Dec. 8, 2022

Dear families,

This week we have one additional resident on 4C St. Martha’s/ St. Basil’s unit who has tested positive for influenza A. After consultation with regional infection prevention and control and out medical director Dr. T Babick we have declared an outbreak on the 4C St. Martha’s/St. Basil’s unit. All residents who have tested positive for influenza A are isolated in their rooms while they are symptomatic. Nursing continues to monitor all residents for development of symptoms.

We continue with our outbreak on 2C with two residents having influenza A and one case of COVID 19 on St. Luke’s. We hope to clear the precautions on St. Luke’s later this week if no additional residents test positive for COVID.

At this time, affected residents who are experiencing any respiratory symptoms have been isolated in their rooms and all group activities/off units events are on hold for 2C and 4C units. Recreation activities have transitioned to 1:1 activities. Residents who are not experiencing symptoms are still able to go to the dining room, but need to remain 6 feet from other residents. Visitation on the units can continue, but only in resident rooms. Residents are not to leave the unit at this time, and visitation is limited to designated caregivers on the 2C and 4C units.

All other units can continue to have both general and designated caregivers, but please stay home if you are sick or exhibiting any flu like symptoms.

Please keep Holy Family Home in your prayers.

Thank you,

Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care