September 5, 2023

Dear families,

The fall respiratory virus season is upon us already within Holy Family Home. As I had stated last week in an email, we did officially go into a COVID outbreak on Aug. 28 on 4A St. Joseph’s unit. We have 3 residents who have tested positive for COVID 19 on this unit. Outbreak measures have been initiated and we continue to monitor residents for symptoms.

At the end of last week, we did have one resident on 2A Sacred Heart, and one resident on 4C St. Martha’s/St. Basil’s test positive for COVID 19. At this point, these two units are not in official outbreak, as they do not meet definition of an outbreak (2 residents testing positive for COVID 19 within 10 days of each other on the same unit/floor). With these new cases we have initiated some outbreak measures on these units, which include no off unit events for residents, physical distancing during meal times and active case finding.

We are asking all staff and family members to wear a medical mask when visiting on any outbreak unit or units that are potentially have viruses circulating or symptomatic residents or staff. Please help us prevent the spread of viruses within our home by washing your hands as often as you can and wearing a mask.

Just as a reminder, we are looking for residents and loved ones consents for the influenza, COVID and pneumococcal vaccines for this fall. Please reach out to nursing when you are visiting your loved one to sign a consent if you have not done so already.

As we continue to navigate through the virus season, please keep our residents and staff in your prayers.

Stacey Morgan RNBN
Director of Care