October 4, 2023

Dear families,

We did get some great news, the 3C St. John’s/St. Paul’s respiratory outbreak was officially declared over today per Regional Infection Prevention and Control and our medical Director Dr. T Babick. I wish to send out a big thank you to all the work of the residents, families and staff in following the outbreak protocols and containing the virus on the unit. The sooner we can isolate and prevent the spread on the unit the sooner the outbreak will be over and the sooner the unit can return to normal activities. So thank you all for helping get back to normal life on the unit.

On a less happy note, we do continue to have the Respiratory Outbreak of COVID 19 on 2C St. Francis/St. Mary’s unit. As of today, we have 13 residents who have tested positive for COVID on 2C St. Francis/St. Mary’s unit. The outbreak measures continue on the unit to prevent the spread of the virus to other residents within the unit and home. This week we also have identified one resident case of COVID 19 on the 3A St. Anne’s unit. As this unit is not in official outbreak, we have initiated some outbreak measures on the unit:

  1. Residents are not to leave the unit for off unit activities.
  2. All large group activities on the unit are on hold and we will have small group activities physically distanced with residents who are well
  3. Physical distancing during meal times as able
  4. Active Case finding and isolation of residence who are symptomatic
  5. Families are to visit with residents on the unit in resident rooms only
  6. Staff and visitors are to wear masks while on the unit
  7. Increased high touch surface cleaning
  8. Increased hand washing

The remainder of our resident care units remain outbreak free at this time, and communication will be sent out with any new changes.

On another note, we do expect our doses of the influenza vaccine to arrive in the home in the next week or two. As soon as they arrive, the nursing staff will begin giving the vaccine to the residents who have consented to influenza vaccines. For the COVID vaccines, we do plan to order COVID vaccines for delivery in early November when most of our residents become eligible for vaccines.

If you do have any questions please reach out to the nurses, resident care managers or myself.


Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care