2019 Long Service Awards

Every year, a significant number of staff members are recognized for their long service and dedication to the Sisters’ Mission. Their contribution to the enduring spirit of Holy Family Home becomes part of our legacy of compassionate and loving care and service. While it is our collective dedication to loving service that forms the bedrock of HFH, it is the year-to-year example of our longest serving staff members that kindles our own desire to serve. On behalf of the Sisters, please join me in congratulating all those who received long service awards this year.

45 Years (1974)
Darlene Medwid
Teresita Aragon
Natividad Villaverde

35 Years (1984)
Bozena Basarab

30 Years (1989)
Dragan Canak
Susane Kopp

25 Years (1994)
Maria Zlotucha
Christin Harel
Karen Storozuk

20 Years (1999)
Linda Kohut
Dulce Santos
Helen Prokopec
Marites Andaya
Lucyna Czarnota

15 Years (2004)
Miriam Payawal
Katherine Panaligan
Galina Rudi
Marivic Esperanzate
Marzenna Litertowicz

10 Years (2009)
Galyna Zayats
Nichita Benzar
Jocelyn Dionisio
Dagmara Prokopczyk
Allyson Van Dinther
Ellen Aballa
Maricar Galicia
Noli Deza
Librada De Leon
Marissa Anoling
Richie Fuertez-Popatco
Olena Stefanyshyn
Janine Mozo
Maria Bernardo
Jessica Akinola
Marzenna Lis

When I think of our long service employees, I see a group of people who have gained tremendous experience and wisdom, who have grown in their body of knowledge, and who have contributed to our culture of care and compassion. I have always felt privileged to work with so many outstanding individuals.

The work you do every day is a blessing. Please know that you are appreciated: by the residents and their families, the Sisters, the Board, Administration, and the community we serve.

You continue to make a difference in the lives of our residents and your work colleagues. Thank you and congratulations on your achievement! I wish you good health and many more years of service at HFH.

Jack Kisil Staff Award

The Jack Kisil Staff Award for excellence in resident care and service is presented annually to individual staff members or teams who exemplify compassion and a commitment to the Mission and Values of HFH.

Angela Peeler – 2019 Award Recipient

Congratulations to Angela Peeler! Angela started at HFH as Business Manager in 1997. She has progressively grown over the years, assuming the role of CFO several years ago, and more recently as CFOO in January 2020. She has become an extremely effective executive leader who clearly manifests the Mission & Values of HFH. She is a servant leader who is completely unselfish, dedicated to teamwork, compassionate, caring and always thinking of ways to make the lives of our residents better. She is also a firm believer in helping to create a healthy work environment for staff.

Angela manifests our Mission & Values by continuously demonstrating a focus on resident needs. Angela is known to be VERY resident-centered. She is trusted within the organization as a person who will always strive to make sound decisions in support of our residents’ quality of life. This is not a typical characteristic one usually finds in Chief Financial Officers.

Angela is known and very much appreciated for her active involvement in supporting many staff wellness initiatives and activities intended to enhance staff morale (i.e. 12 days of Christmas, etc.) and the capital campaign (i.e. Fundscrip, etc.), and many other staff wellness initiatives too numerous to mention.

She is a senior leader at HFH. She is always willing to contribute in ways that go well beyond her scope of responsibilities, and will never attempt to seek personal glory from her contribution to successful projects.

Angela will never say “It’s not my job”. In fact – quite the opposite: Angela will proactively offer her ideas and share her creative thoughts regarding initiatives aimed at recognizing the excellent contribution of all staff. She will also ‘roll up her sleeves’ to help others in planning and organizing staff wellness events. In many cases, Angela took it upon herself to plan and organize such activities, despite having an extremely heavy workload herself.

In January 2020, Angela was appointed Chief Financial & Operations Officer. Her portfolio was expanded to include not only the Business Office, but also the broad organizational leadership of the Resident Care portfolio. She was well received in this new position, which speaks volumes about how highly-regarded she is at all levels within HFH. In a very short period of time, Angela demonstrated how dedicated and helpful she can be in addressing resident care issues, as well as staffing challenges.

Angela possesses great common sense and problem-solving abilities. She also demonstrates exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills. Angela’s leadership and ongoing support with the new Building Expansion Project has added to an already heavy workload, whether it involved oversight of financials or assistance with operational readiness planning, equipment planning, staffing or HR issues.  Her support and leadership in these areas was (and remains) significant, and contributed to a highly successful outcome.

Angela is outstanding as a person and and long-time employee. She has become a highly effective leader within HFH. She is also widely-recognized as a leader among her peers in other PCHs and at the WRHA, and is highly respected for her experience and knowledge.

We are truly grateful for Angela’s ongoing presence and leadership. She is a true example of Holy Family Home’s mission “To Serve is to Love.”

Jean R. Piché, CEO