Every year, a significant number of staff members are recognized for their long service and dedication to the Sisters’ Mission. Their contribution to the enduring spirit of Holy Family Home becomes part of our legacy of compassionate and loving care and service. While it is our collective dedication to loving service that forms the bedrock of HFH, it is the year-to-year example of our longest serving staff members that kindles our own desire to serve.

When I think of our long service employees, I see a group of people who have gained tremendous experience and wisdom, who have grown in their body of knowledge, and who have contributed to our culture of care and compassion. I have always felt privileged to work with so many outstanding individuals.

The work you do every day is a blessing. Please know that you are appreciated: by the residents and their families, the Sisters, the Board, Administration, and the community we serve.

You continue to make a difference in the lives of our residents and your work colleagues. Thank you and congratulations on your achievement! I wish you good health and many more years of service at HFH.

On behalf of the Sisters, please join me in congratulating all those who received long service awards this year.

Tara-Lee Procter, CEO

Mary Anne Kostuck

Theresa Sampson
Nancy Hebert

Agnes Wieczorkiewicz
Maria Maszczak
Curtis Fenning

Joy Tanchuk
Iwona Sternick
Irene Goodwin

Lori Grindle
Priscilla Ramos
Reomable Dumaua
Cindy Wood

Maria Zoleta
Halyna Honcharenko
Zinoviya Kizyuk
Nena Baquiran
Svitlana Kanon
Jose Solitana
Mariya Oliynyk

Emylyn Aquino
Teodulo Ballelos
Martin Brudy
Noly Calvo
Halyna Chaplya
Brittany Ferguson
Olesay Hlibka
Rhodora Jonson
Iryna Knap
Nina Lutsyshyn
Nataliya Montgomery
Hanna Pavlyna
Ludymia Pryyma
Rowena Villanueva
Janice Waitt
Cristal Wy