Health and Seniors Care
Population & Public Health Branch 4th Floor; 300 Carlton St.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 03M9

Attention: Residents, Families and Support Persons of Residents of Personal Care Homes

We are very much in the fourth wave of this COVID-19 pandemic and we know that people living in Personal Care Homes (PCHs) are at greater risk of serious outcomes. This is why Manitoba prioritized them in our initial vaccine campaign, and why they were among the first to be able to receive a third dose.

Manitoba public health officials strongly recommend that PCH residents be provided a third/booster dose before mid-November, 2021. Please connect with your family member’s PCH for further information on
the vaccines, the consent process and when the vaccine will be available. Additional information to help inform your decision about a booster dose can also be found on

It is important that we complete this protective effort as soon as possible. If you have a loved one in a PCH in Manitoba, please ensure that you’ve reviewed the information to provide consent to have them immunized with their third dose.


Dr. Jazz Atwal, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Manitoba Deputy Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Population & Public Health Branch, Health and Seniors Care