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Holy Family Home depends to a great extent on the generosity of people who support our work through direct donations. Holy Family is a non-profit organization, and all donations are used for the direct care of our residents and the maintenance of our facility.

Charitable donation receipts are issued and the cumulative donations of benefactors and donors are acknowledged on the Donor Recognition wall or in the donor honour book both located in the front entrance of the Home.

The Lubov SSMI Foundation has been established to serve as the foundation of the ministries owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. One of those ministries is Holy Family Home, Inc. The Lubov SSMI Foundation is responsible for processing all donations, for issuing charitable receipts and for ensuring donors are appropriately recognized. Please be assured that your gift will be used to support Holy Family Home.

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Ukrainian Canadian Congress –Manitoba Provincial Council Launches Well Being Campaign

What is the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council?

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC) represents the Ukrainian community in Manitoba before the people and Government of the province, promotes linkages with Ukraine and identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community in Manitoba to ensure its continued existence and development for the enhancement of Canada’s socio-cultural fabric. It is comprised of almost 20 member organizations and is one of 6 component provincial members of the National Canadian Ukrainian Congress which represents the Ukrainian community before the Government of Canada.

UCC-MPC aims to foster and develop the Ukrainian community in Manitoba and to promote intercultural activities, thereby promoting an increased knowledge and understanding among all ethno cultural groups in Manitoba

Well Being Campaign – What is it?

These are very strenuous times with the ever evolving pandemic of COVID 19.  The coronavirus does not discriminate; it has spread throughout the world attacking all ages, economic levels and cultural backgrounds.  One of the most vulnerable groups at risk is seniors, especially those living in long term care facilities.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC), as a community umbrella group, stands strong and is committed to caring for our most vulnerable in this time of COVID 19.  We are focusing our efforts on supporting Holy Family Home, a long term care facility that has been serving the health care needs of our Ukrainian community in Manitoba for over the past sixty years.

At this particularly difficult time, the UCC-MPC, in collaboration with Lubov SSMI Foundation, has launched a Well Being Campaign in support of Holy Family Home.  The campaign’s goals are:

  • to help enhance care through the purchase of vital sterilization equipment
  • to support essential enhancements to ensure the physical and mental health needs of residents and staff
  • to acknowledge the outstanding job that the Holy Family Home staff team is doing during this time.

Holy Family Home, is one of the largest long term care facilities in Manitoba with 317 residents and almost 500 staff. It is dedicated to providing personal and health care to seniors in a loving environment based on Christian ideals and principles, along with the promotion of Ukrainian/Slavic heritage.

Well Being Campaign – the Impact of Your Support Sterilization Equipment

Two Nocospray units are being purchased along with the supplies needed to operate each unit.  This advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases at Holy Family Home.  The unit provides high capacity cleaning of resident rooms, other spaces, as well as disinfecting multiple pieces of equipment.  The Nocospray is in use in some hospitals in Manitoba however, Holy Family Home will be the first long term care facility in the Province to acquire this equipment.

Enhancements to care for Residents and Staff

On March 17, 2020, the government directed that all visits to long term care facilities be prohibited.  As the safety and well being of residents are the priority, adhering to this directive and adopting other safety measures continues at Holy Family Home. It has been a difficult time for everyone associated with Holy Family Home: residents, their families and friends and the staff.  However, great efforts have been taken to normalize the situation as must as possible. New ways of connecting with loved ones have been introduced through video calls. Additional activities on each unit have been incorporated. All of these enhancements require additional funding that can only be possible with support from the community.

Showing Appreciation

Being on the front line during this time of COVID 19 requires incredible commitment.  The staff team at Holy Family Home comes to work daily joyfully, with a strong desire to serve its residents with an abundance of care and compassion. Supporting the Well Being Campaign is a tangible way of recognizing the outstanding job that the Holy Family Home staff team are undertaking twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Support the Well Being Campaign today!

All donations, big or small are welcome.

Alternatively, cheques should be made payable to Lubov SSMI Foundation and sent to:

Lubov SSMI Foundation
1085 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 3S1

Please indicate on your cheque that you would like your gift directed to Holy Family Home.

For further information, you can contact Lubov SSMI Foundation directly at 204-942-0443 or by email