Help us Light up Holy Family Home!

“To be able to talk, see and even sing with my mom has become a weekly highlight for me.  Living out of province, I miss being able to spend time with her.  Having the ability to FaceTime continue to nurture our mother and daughter bond.  It is life-giving to share those moments with her and those around her.  Moment with mom, even though virtual keeps me connected until the next time I can be with her in person.”   – Ann

Sharing joyful moments, shedding tears, or embracing a hug is a thing that most of us might have taken for granted until our lives were shaken by the COVID 19 pandemic. It was especially difficult for residents at Holy Family Home. It became apparent how critical it is for residents to stay connected with loved ones. Not being able to socialize or have visits did impact the well-being of the residents. 

The staff at Holy Family Home saw the impact and quickly adapted, creating new ways of connecting, especially when the Home was not able to welcome visitors. Access to the internet has become a critical tool. It is used to broadcast Liturgical services, share videos that spark conversation amongst residents, and is integrated into recreation activities.  

Those living at Holy Family Home are surrounded by 24-hour health care for the whole person. The quality of life for each resident ensures that their physical, social, cultural, and spiritual needs are being met. To enhance this care, we rely on the community to help fund the extras that have proven to be so valuable.  

Each year we reach out to the community for support through our Festival of Lights Campaign. In 2020, new programs were introduced and existing programs enhanced because of funding through this campaign. Recreation Therapy is now scheduled for evenings and weekends, increasing socialization for the residents. Special recreation events were introduced using the outdoor spaces for live band performances, movies in the park, and events like Christmas in July. These are only a few examples of how support ensures that our residents have all that they need to live this phase of their life to the fullest.

Being able to access the world outside of Holy Family Home should be available to all residents. We are blessed to have the new Building C that accommodates these new ways of communicating. However, when Building A opened its doors in the 1970s, residents were given access to a telephone, which was important at that time.  

Today life is different. Many residents are arriving with their cell phones and electronic devices. Having reliable internet access is not a luxury, but rather it has become a necessary extra for the care and comfort of our residents. That is why we invite you to help us make this happen.

Please consider a gift to the Festival of Lights Campaign. You will enable the Home to upgrade Building A to allow internet access for programming, connecting with loved ones, and even sparking memories. 

In addition, funds will be used to ensure that special resident recreation events will continue, especially in the parks next year.  

Your gift will also help light up the Holy Family Home campus. For each $2,500 raised, more lights will shine for our residents to enjoy. If you travel past the Home this Christmas season, you too will be able to experience the Festival of Lights.