I wanted to share with you about an exciting project that will be starting in the Home, Monday, Jan. 22, 2024.

The tub rooms in both the 2A Sacred Heart and 4A St. Joseph’s unit will have some enhancements that includes flooring, curtains, paint and new tubs. With this new project, it does mean that the tub rooms will be closed to use by residents and staff from Jan. 22 to the end of February.

What this means for staff and residents:
Baths on 2A will occur on 3A and baths on 4A will occur on 5A during this time. This does mean that your loved one’s bath day and time will likely change as we try to accommodate all resident baths from two floors in one tub room. I know this could be troubling for some residents as change is not always easy, so if you can help your loved one through this change the care team would appreciate your support.

Construction noise may be an issue on the unit temporarily during some of the demolition, so I do apologize for this in advance. The construction company will try and make this as disruptive as possible.

Thank you for your continued support, but if you do have any questions please reach out the nurses on the unit or the social workers.
Stacey Morgan RNBN,
Director of Care