Dear Residents and Families,

We learned yesterday there are two more residents who have tested positive from the floor where the resident reported on November 9, 2020.  These residents have been moved to the COVID unit and our thoughts and prayers are with them for their recovery.  The families of the impacted floor have been contacted by phone.  We have swabbed the residents on this floor and should have the results in the next 24-48 hours.  

We have now had 11 resident cases of COVID-19 from two floors.  There has also been another staff member test positive which is the fifth staff.  These residents’ families have also been contacted and the staff in contact with these residents and staff members have been assessed as to level of risk and referred for testing accordingly.  

One more of our residents from the COVID unit are recovered and another one is anticipated to be recovered as of tomorrow which is wonderful to share.  This brings the total number of residents that have recovered to four and five by tomorrow. Having the dedicated, separate space with devoted staff has been helpful in the management and treatment of our outbreak.

We are in touch with the WRHA LTC program daily and are following all the direction and guidance received from public health.  We will contact you directly should there be any issue with your loved one.  

Please keep Holy Family Home in your thoughts and your prayers.  


Tara-Lee Procter (Maciuszonek) – CEO