June 20, 2023

Dear families,

I know it has been a challenging month for our residents, families and staff who continue to deal with respiratory outbreaks within our home. Yesterday we did get the green light to inform you that Holy Family Home’s respiratory outbreak is over as per the regional infection prevention and control and our medical director. Our unit 2A Sacred Heart was the last unit to come off outbreak measures on June 19, 2023. So today June 20, 2023 we do not have any units in outbreak or any symptomatic residents in the home.

Thank you to all the residents, families and staff who continue to ensure our residents remain safe and prevent the spread of the virus to others. I understand the outbreak measures can feel restricting to our residents and families, but please know we are looking out for all our residents and restricting movement within the home and unit is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. So thank you again for following our outbreak measures.

On a lighter note, please watch out for our new summer recreation calendar. We have some new and exciting programming for our residents including Christmas in July, Tiki Party, Carnival, Elvis Impersonator and our always popular ice cream in the park just to name a few. I cannot wait to see all the residents smiling faces, as staff get wet in our dunk tank at the Carnival. Always a good time for all.

Wishing you all a blessed summer and stay cool as we continue in the heat wave within Winnipeg!


Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care