May 23, 2023

Dear families,

Over the weekend, we had numerous residents exhibiting respiratory symptoms and I am sorry to say that our resident’s home is quickly going into respiratory outbreak.  As of today, we have 6 out of 12 units in respiratory outbreak. The below table provides you a summary of the outbreaks within the home:

unitunit nameoutbreak typename
2ASacred HeartrespiratoryCOVID
3ASt. Anne’srespiratoryCommon Cold
4ASt. Joseph’srespiratoryCommon Cold/COVID
5ASt. Michael’srespiratoryCOVID
2CSt. Mary’s/St. FrancisrespiratoryCommon Cold/COVID

As per regional Infection Prevention and Control, and our medical director, the below outbreak measures have been initiated on the units in outbreak:

  1. Isolate and swab anyone who is symptomatic
  2. Monitor residents for respiratory symptoms
  3. All off unit events are cancelled for all outbreak units
  4. All on unit group activities are to be done with strict 6 feet apart 
  5. Communal dining to continue with 6 feet apart and only those who are not exhibiting symptoms are to be in the dining room or if they are COVID recovered
  6. Only 2 visitors are allowed per resident while outbreak is ongoing 
  7. All visiting is to occur in the resident room only. No taking residents off unit within the facility.
  8. Masks are mandatory on outbreak units at this time and additional PPE required for all residents in isolation

As a reminder, we are encouraging residents, families and staff to wash your hands regularly, wear masks and stay home if you are sick to help prevent the spread of viruses within our home, to our residents, volunteers and staff. We continue to monitor the residents within the home, but if you are visiting and notice a change in your loved one please let the nurse know about the change. Sometimes the loved ones around us see things that we as professionals do not see, as we do not know your loved ones as well as you know them.

Please keep the residents and staff in your prayers as we navigate this outbreak.

Thank you,

Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care