Dear Families,

I wanted to share with everyone that we do have one resident case of COVID 19 on the 2A Sacred Heart and 5A St. Michael’s unit. We are not in an outbreak at this time but will continue to monitor the residents on the unit for COVID 19 symptoms. With this virus circulating in the home, we are asking that all 2A and 5A families stay on the unit in the resident room during their visits. All residents from 2A and 5A are to remain on the unit and all off unit events for the 2A and 5A units are cancelled until the virus cycle is complete.

Please remember to wear your masks and wash your hands when coming and going from Holy Family Home. With viruses still circulating in the community, we want to keep our residents safe and virus free.

Thanks for your understanding.

Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care