Jan. 30, 2023

Dear Families,

As we continue to navigate the winter respiratory outbreak season, I wanted to share that we had some resident care units resolve their outbreak. Here at Holy Family on 4A St. Joseph’s and 2C St. Mary’s/St. Francis outbreaks are now resolved. All residents can return back to communal dining, group activities and off unit events. I wish to thank all the residents, staff and visitors for following the outbreak protocols, that now will allow our residents to go back to their regular routines on these 3 units.

 We do continue to have respiratory outbreaks on 4C and 3C, and we are monitoring the situation closely on the 1C and 2C units to as we do have one case of COVID on each of these units. With only one resident case on 1C and 2C we are not officially in outbreak, but we are following some of the same protocols as an outbreak unit. See the below table for details on the outbreaks presently occurring in the home.

unitunit nameoutbreak typenamenumber of casesvisitation
4CSt. Martha/St. Basilrespiratorycommon cold/COVID7 common cold/1 COVIDdesignated visitors only
3CSt. John’s/St. Paul’srespiratoryCOVID9designated visitors only
2CSt. Mary’s/St. FrancisrespiratoryCOVID1no changes to visitation
1CSt. NicholasrespiratoryCOVID1no changes to visitation

As the virus’s continue within the home, please talk to the nurse on the unit when you arrive to ensure you are aware of any changes to the visitation practices during your visit.

If you do have questions about your loved one, please reach out to your unit nurse, social work or resident care manager.


Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care