Jan. 23, 2022

Dear Families,

I wanted to provide an update on the respiratory outbreaks here at Holy Family Home. Today we had a few additional resident care units with residents exhibiting respiratory symptoms, nasopharyngeal results are still pending at this time. We do continue to have respiratory outbreaks on 4C, 4A, 3C and 2C. See the below table for details on the outbreaks presently occurring in the home.

unitunit nameoutbreak typenamenumber of casesvisitation
4CSt. Martha/St. Basilrespiratorycommon cold7designated visitors only
4ASt. JosephrespiratoryRSV2designated visitors only
2CSt. Mary’s/St. FrancisrespiratoryRSV2 RSV/COVID outbreak resolveddesignated visitors only
3CSt. John’s/St. Paul’srespiratoryCOVID7designated visitors only

We continue to monitor all residents for respiratory symptoms within the home as per the infection control guidelines and under the guidance of our medical team. We continue to follow the below strategies on outbreak units:

  • all off unit activities/events are cancelled for these residents, 
  • recreation activities are to move to more 1:1 activities, or small group activities with physical distancing
  • residents who are symptomatic are isolated to their rooms
  • all family visitation needs to occur on the unit in the resident rooms
  • only designated caregivers are to visit on the outbreak units
  • increased high touch surface cleaning

Please keep our residents and staff in your prayers as we navigate through this flu season. If you do have questions about your loved one, please reach out to your unit nurse, social work or resident care manager.


Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care