Dec. 30, 2022 Dear Families,

I wanted to share with everyone that we do have 2 residents on the St. Mary’s unit who have tested positive for COVID 19. With guidance from the regional Infection Prevention and Control as well as our medical director Dr. T Babick we are now official in a COVID outbreak on 2C St. Mary’s/St. Francis unit. The below strategies are being implemented:

  • –  all off unit activities/events are cancelled for these residents,
  • –  recreation activities are to move to more 1:1 activities,
  • –  residents who are symptomatic are isolated to their rooms
  • –  all family visitation needs to occur on the unit in the resident rooms
  • –  only designated caregivers are to visit
  • –  increased high touch surface cleaning

We continue with our RSV outbreak on 3A St. Anne’s with a total of 8 residents who have tested positive for RSV with 3 residents remaining in isolation. The above listed outbreak strategies are being followed on 3A St. Anne’s unit as well.

On 1C St. Luke’s we also have one resident with RSV and continue to monitor residents for symptoms. So please ensure to visit only on the resident care unit in the resident room, no taking residents off the unit at this time.

All residents on 2C, 3A and 1C St. Luke’s are being monitored for respiratory symptoms by nursing and if any symptoms arise, they will be tested for viruses.

Please keep our residents in your prayers. If you do have any questions please reach out to your unit nurse, social work or resident care manager.

Stacey Morgan RNBN

Director of Care