Welcome to Holy Family Home

Our Community

Many older adults want to remain independent and live in their own communities for as long as possible. Holy Family Home offers programing that enables these adults to participate.

Adult Day Program

The Adult Day Program is funded by the WRHA for seniors enrolled in Home Care who live in the community to visit Holy Family for a day of socializing, to participate in recreational activities and exercises, and to review and discuss currents affairs for the purpose of stimulating their physical and mental well-being. An external transportation service picks up participants from their homes, and brings them to Holy Family. Meals and snacks are provided, as well as the opportunity to attend church services.

To enroll in the Adult Day Program, please contact your Home Care Coordinator. If you don’t have a coordinator, please call the Point Douglas Home Care office at 204-940-6660. If you aren’t presently enrolled in Home Care, please call the WRHA Central Intake at 204-788-8330 to request an assessment.

Respite Care

Holy Family Home provides a full range of services, on an interim basis, for those individuals who live in the community for whom care is provided by family members. On occasion family members may require relief from their duties as a care provider for a specified period of time. Requests for respite services must be arranged through your Home Care Coordinator.

Seniors Tower (Life Lease)

The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate are the landlords of the Seniors’ Tower, a 43 suite housing complex at 147 Aberdeen Avenue. Independent living accommodations are provided in a safe, community oriented environment. This housing complex is connected by an interior link and elevators to Holy Family Home.

The suites in the Seniors’ Tower are not condominiums but are based on the Life Lease concept. The principle that the tenant provides, is a refundable membership fee to the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. The refundable membership fee is considered the capital of the tenant. Repayment of the refundable membership fee is guaranteed by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, through the establishment of a security fund for that purpose. Currently there is a waiting list for both the one and two bedroom apartments.

For more information please contact the Coordinator of the Seniors’ Tower at [email protected], or phone (204) 589-7381.