Message from the CEO

We are grateful for all the kindness so many have shown Holy Family Home throughout this pandemic.  Here are two of many messages we recently received.

“To those who made the decision to accommodate First Nations people in your facility, I want to say that I HONOUR your HUMANITY.  Thank you for being a true place of compassion.”

 “I want to commend Holy Family Home for agreeing to take in relocated elders from First Nations communities, as discussed in your recent letter. These actions demonstrate that the administration of the home have their hearts in the right place and care for the whole community and all of our elders. Small steps like these are opportunities to put reconciliation into action and break down the walls between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, impacts of ongoing colonization in our society. Now more than ever, I am happy that my grandmother lives in a home where the staff and administration truly care about the whole community and the health and wellbeing of all of its older members.”

Thank you to all that continue to keep Holy Family Home in your thoughts and your prayers.  


Tara-Lee Procter (Maciuszonek) – CEO